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Bladeless (Femto) Lasik Treatment steps


Step 1- Flap creation

The eye is anesthetized with special drops.
Femtosecond laser pulses are used to create
a flap on the surface of the cornea.


Step 2- Convenient interplay

With setups that have a pivoting patient supporting system, the patient is conveniently moved from the femtosecond laser to the excimer laser.


Step 3- Flap is folded back

The prepared flap is folded back like the page of a book, exposing the inner corneal tissue to be treated.

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Step 4- Corneal sculpting

The excimer laser removes the corneal tissue point by point within a few seconds, thereby correcting the visual defect.


Step 5- Flap is repositioned

Then, the flap is returned to its original position, protecting the eye much like a natural bandage.

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PRK Treatment steps


Step 1- Layer preparation

A diluted alcohol solution is applied to the
cornea to dissolve the epithelial layer.


Step 2- Layer removal

The epithelial layer is then removed or moved to the side using a manual instrument.


Step 3- Corneal sculpting

An excimer laser sculpts the corneal tissue within a matter of seconds to correct the refractive error.


Step 4- Eye protection

Finally, a protective bandage lens is placed over the eye until the epithelium heals within a few days.

ReLEx® SMILE treatment steps


Step 1-Lenticule creation

A thin lenticule and small incision are created inside the intact cornea.


Step 2-Lenticule removal

The lenticule is removed through the incision with minimal disruption to the corneal biomechanics.


Step 3-Impairment is corrected

Removing the lenticule changes the shape of the cornea, thereby achieving a refractive correction.

01.Refractive Surgery & Lasik

Your eyes deserve the best precision and clarity.


Inside our eyes, we have a natural lens. The lens bends (refracts) light rays that come into the eye to help us see.

03.Age-related Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a problem with your retina. It happens when the central part of the retina called the macula is damaged.

04.Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a potential complication in patients with Diabetes.

05.Retina Vein Occlusion (RVO)

Arteries and veins carry blood throughout the eyes. The eye has one main artery and one main vein that each have multiple branches.

06.Floaters & Flashes

You will need a dilated eye exama if you have new onset of or changes in floater size or quantity or if you see flashes of light.

07.Retinal Tear & Detachment

The retina is the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of our eye. The retina converts the light rays into impulses that travel through the optic nerve to our brain, where they are interpreted as the images we see.

08.Macular Hole

Macular hole is when a tear or opening forms in your macula. As the hole forms, things in your central vision will look blurry, wavy or distorted.

09.Macular Pucker

Macular pucker (also knows as Epiretinal Membrane or ERM) happens when wrinkles, creases or bulges form on your macula.


Uveitis occurs when the middle layer of the eyeball gets inflamed (red and swollen). This layer, called the uvea, has many blood vessels that nourish the eye.


Glaucoma is a disease that damages your eye’s optic nerve. It usually happens when fluid builds up in the front part of your eye.


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